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Consumers embrace mobile banking, but still value physical branches

A new study by Adobe shows that while an increasing number of consumers are using mobile banking, the vast majority still consider branch locations an important part of their banking experience. 

The study of 1,000 consumers across multiple age groups shows that 89% of consumers use their bank's web/mobile options, with 67% using online options to check their account balances, and 52% going online to conduct the majority of their banking. 

Despite that high percentage of online banking customers, 75% of consumers surveyed still believe physical bank branches matter and 70% of consumers have still visited a branch location in the past month. 

"We're finding that consumers are increasingly engaging with their banks online, especially for quick transactions like checking balances, but banks are just scratching the surface," Craig Peasley, director of marketing at Adobe, said in a press release. "The data shows that there's still room to delight customers with offerings that combine the face-to-face service that's still popular and digital offerings."

The remaining survey results bear out that above mentioned window of opportunity. The study shows 62% of consumers say their bank's digital offerings are just above average, compared with the rest of their digital experiences.

The study showed that 76% cited security and privacy as key considerations when digitally enrolling in a bank, while 50% of respondents said they worry about the safety of their finances when using a digital-only bank.