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    Fintechs gain ground in merchant acquiring

    New businesses are far more likely to opt for integrated software vendors over legacy providers, McKinsey discovered.

    By Oct. 3, 2022
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    Affirm targets offline growth

    The buy now-pay later provider’s chief financial officer said this week its Debit+ card is a key part of Affirm’s strategy to push further into brick-and-mortar sales.

    By Sept. 30, 2022
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    Buy now-pay later payments proliferate

    More companies, and larger ones, are stepping into the buy now-pay later ring, giving consumers an expanding array of options and increasing competition among providers offering the new financing tool.

    By Payments Dive staff
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    Retrieved from Star Concessions website.

    Convenience store turns to Just Walk Out tech

    Grab & Fly is the latest airport convenience store to use Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, following a Hudson Nonstop store at Chicago Midway International Airport that debuted last summer.

    By Brett Dworski • Sept. 30, 2022
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    CEOs Sound Off: Forecasting holiday payment trends

    CEOs of payments-related companies shared their thoughts on what consumers and merchants want when it comes to checkout and payments this holiday season.

    By Sept. 29, 2022
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    Consumers tap BNPL for larger purchases

    Marqeta's report, which showed U.S. buy now-pay later use has climbed since last year, also points to consumers acquiring more credit cards.

    By Tatiana Walk-Morris • Sept. 29, 2022
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    PayPal alum latest to take CFO seat for Zepz

    PayPal alum Robert Mitchell will take the remittance platform’s financial helm as it looks to foster further growth after reaching profitability during the first half of 2022.

    By Grace Noto • Sept. 29, 2022
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    BNPL firms encounter growing pains

    As buy now-pay later providers face a shifting economic environment and regulatory scrutiny, they’re likely pursuing transformation, a Guidehouse consultant said.

    By Sept. 28, 2022
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    Banks take stock of payment fraud threats

    Credit card fraud tops the list of growing threats, but P2P and newer payment vehicles are quickly catching up, according to a recent poll of industry executives.

    By Suman Bhattacharyya • Sept. 28, 2022
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    Uber Eats integrates with Toast, Clover

    The integrations will allow Uber Eats’ restaurant partners to onboard with both their POS provider and the delivery company much faster. 

    By Julie Littman • Sept. 27, 2022
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    Busting the myths on FedNow

    Jessica Cheney, a vice president at Bottomline Technologies, aims to dispel myths about the meaning and impact of the coming Federal Reserve instant payment system.

    By Jessica Cheney • Sept. 27, 2022
  • PNC Bank
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    PNC buys restaurant point-of-sale firm Linga

    The Pittsburgh-based bank is boosting its payments footprint as banks from Banc of California to JPMorgan Chase are making similar large investments.

    By Anna Hrushka • Sept. 27, 2022
  • A shopper taps to pay with a smartphone as the store employee handles the transaction on a Shopify device.
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    Courtesy of Shopify

    Shopify adds mobile POS hardware

    Pushing further into brick-and-mortar shopping, the commerce company faces competition from other point-of-sale providers as the volume of POS transactions is expected to rise.

    By Tatiana Walk-Morris • Sept. 27, 2022
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    Deep Dive

    Will biometrics be the future of payments?

    The use of biometrics to authenticate payments is poised to bring more security and speed to transactions, but some say broad adoption on the part of consumers and merchants is still far from reach.

    By Sept. 26, 2022
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    Banc of California acquires Deepstack in payment processing play

    The acquisition will give Banc of California access to clients’ payment insight, which the bank hopes to use for credit purposes, said Jared Wolff, the bank’s president and CEO.

    By Anna Hrushka • Sept. 26, 2022
  • Bank CEOs sit in front of the Senate Banking Committee.
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    Bank CEOs defend Zelle in Senate hearing

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren called the peer-to-peer payments network “unsafe,” claiming Zelle users were defrauded out of $500 million last year.

    By Anna Hrushka • Sept. 23, 2022
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    Buyers, vendors blame each other for slow digital payment adoption

    A majority of vendors said their customers aren’t ready to stop using checks, although check use among accounts payable teams fell 10% compared to last year, MineralTree’s report revealed.

    By Sept. 23, 2022
  • A Klarna sign at a Charlotte Premium Outlets mall in Charlotte, N.C. on March 26, 2022.
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    Caitlin Mullen/Payments Dive, data courtesy of Industry Dive employee Caitlin Mullen

    Klarna seeks to shed more workers

    In acknowledging the pursuit of further downsizing, a Klarna spokesperson cited changes being made by company executive Camilla Giesecke assuming COO duties.

    By Sept. 22, 2022
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    Permission granted by PayPal Spokesman Joseph Gallo

    PayPal defends BNPL position

    The payments firm is just as popular with younger shoppers as its buy now-pay later rivals, a PayPal executive said last week.

    By Sept. 22, 2022
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    QR code resurges for payments

    “Businesses that have consigned QR technology to the tech graveyard would be wise to give it another look,” writes Mike Storiale, Synchrony’s VP of innovation development.

    By Mike Storiale • Sept. 22, 2022
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    Extra costs biggest reason shoppers ditch online carts

    With cart abandonment costing online retailers up to $136 billion annually, Coresight Research’s findings suggest they might want to focus on total purchase price more closely matching shopper expectations.

    By Sept. 21, 2022
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    Visa eyes B2B, remittances for growth

    Visa is eyeing certain portions of the B2B market for near-term growth, the company’s chief financial officer said during a conference last week. It’s also building out its network for remittances.

    By Sept. 21, 2022
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    Tipalti introduces new card

    After entering the U.K. last year, the company this year is targeting more growth with a new card, a newly promoted president and 100 more employees.

    By Tatiana Walk-Morris • Sept. 20, 2022
  • Instacart rolls out Connected Stores suite of services for retailers.
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    Courtesy of Instacart

    Instacart rolls out in-store tech enhancements

    Frictionless checkout and a more efficient shopping journey are core focuses under the new services, which include a scan-and-pay mobile checkout program.

    By Jeff Wells • Sept. 19, 2022
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    Square adds services in Spanish

    The Block-owned merchant platform debuted its Spanish-language tools in an effort to serve a bigger share of Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S.

    By Tatiana Walk-Morris • Sept. 19, 2022
  • Modern Treasury CEO Dimitri Dadiomov
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    Modern Treasury, Goldman Sachs team up

    The two companies want to target mid-size firms that find it too complex to build their own embedded payments service.

    By Tatiana Walk-Morris • Sept. 19, 2022