FourQ and Pagero Partnership Addresses New Legislation for Global E-Invoicing

September 09, 2021

FourQ, the leading provider of intercompany financial management (IFM) software, has partnered with Pagero, compliant e-invoicing expert, to help corporate finance teams manage e-invoicing on an international scale. This strategic partnership between FourQ and Pagero entails a go-to-market relationship in which the respective sales teams will work together, and an agreement between the two companies to integrate their solutions. Available in the coming months, FourQ and Pagero will offer an integrated, joint solution that delivers e-invoicing to comply with tax authorities around the globe while managing the complex nature of intercompany processes.

Intercompany is quickly becoming the next process that shared services organizations are seeking to automate. In the past, automation was difficult due to the complex nature of billing routes as well as tax and treasury treatments. As demand for compliant e-invoicing has increased significantly, more and more governments are using digital tools to facilitate compliance and track fraud. This partnership not only meets needs for e-invoicing mandates, but also aims to automate up to 80% of intercompany processes, including managing tax, treasury, receipt, and settlement.

While some ERP and finance systems are capable of managing the new processes for invoices sent to outside customers, most hit a wall when it comes to issuing compliant invoices to entities within the same multinational corporation due to siloed systems, teams, and processes. FourQ and Pagero’s partnership focuses on helping overcome these challenges by integrating e-invoicing directly with an organization’s intercompany financial management in conjunction with its third-party invoicing process. Such is critical in a world that is rapidly evolving towards government mandated e-invoicing adoption.

“We are very pleased to partner with Pagero, and together are committed to helping our customers increase operational productivity through an integrated solution,” said May Ma, Chief Transformation Officer at FourQ. “We’re working with Pagero to proactively address the growing need for world-class intercompany financial management as well as meeting the legislative requirements for e-invoicing, with many tax authorities around the world.”

“More and more of our customers raise intercompany accounting as a concern, that it doesn’t fit into their regular ERP billing process,” explained Alexander Jansson, VP Partner Development at Pagero. “We’re especially excited to team with FourQ for this purpose.”

To learn more about the FourQ-Pagero partnership, please contact [email protected].

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