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Mastercard study shows COVID-related shift to contactless

Consumers are increasingly moving toward contactless card adoption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Mastercard study

The global survey shows 79% of consumers are using contactless payments, citing safety and cleanliness as the key drivers, according to the report. 

"Social distancing does not just concern people's interactions with each other, it includes contact with publicly shared devices like point of sale terminals and checkout counters," Blake Rosenthal, executive vice president and head of Mastercard Acceptance Solutions, said in a press release. "Contactless offers consumers a safer, cleaner way to pay, speed at checkout and more control over physical proximity at this critical time."

According to the study, 46% have swapped out their top of wallet card to one that offers contactless payment. The number rises to 52% for those under age 35. 

The study shows a huge increase in concern over cash usage, with 82% of respondents stating contactless is a cleaner way to pay. Contactless payments are up 10% over any other in-person payment method. 

In addition, 74% plan to continue to use contactless after the pandemic is brought under control.

The survey was based on online interviews of 17,000 consumers in 19 countries worldwide. 

Cover image: Mastercard