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Investigation for US Bancorp and US Bank National Association data breach continues

Houston-based Emerson Firm PLLC, will be continuing its investigation regarding a data breach at U.S. Bancorp and U.S. Bank National Association (collectively 'U.S. Bank') that affected U.S. Bank customers by compromising their personal data, according to news release.

On July 30, 2020, a computer server containing personal and identifiable information of U.S. Bank customers, was physically stolen from an undisclosed U.S. Bank corporate office. The stolen data reportedly included names and account numbers, but there is concern it could also encompass additional sensitive information.

Although the theft of the information occurred in July, U.S. Bank began notifying affected consumers of the data breach incident in Sept., without explaining why they waited to communicate to customers.

"The privacy and security of customer information is our top priority. We recently began notifying the limited number of individuals impacted about the theft of a physical server from a secure, locked location in one of our offices. We value the confidence our customers place in us, and we apologize to our customers who may have been impacted by this criminal act. We are taking steps to assist them while we work with law enforcement on the investigation and recovery of the hardware," Lee Henderson, vice president, public affairs and communications, U.S. Bank, said in an interview with this publication.