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Domino's doubles down on contactless delivery, paid leave

Domino's said it offers contactless delivery for customers who prefer it, meaning drivers will leave the food orders at the front door, reception desk or other collection point, but stressed that customers should leave those instructions in its online ordering "delivery instruction box" to ensure the orders are left with the correct person or at the agreed pickup location, according to information sent to customers this week. Domino's said its experience among stores internationally with contact-less delivery has helped it institute the service more flawlessly in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The pizza brand also said it has increased training in its stores around best practices in hygiene, along with increasing the frequency of disinfection for all food contact surfaces, delivery bags and any areas regularly touched by employees or customers. The brand said in a statement to its customers that it is following the precautions laid out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the World Health Organization and other health authorities. 

Domino's also has expanded paid leave for full- and part-time hourly employees of company-owned stores and supply chain centers during the current outbreak, and it encouraged all workers who feel ill or have had contact with the virus to quarantine as they will receive pay for their time off.

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