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Cardfree to equip US restaurants with mobile offers

Company is working with Bluedot Innovation to ping consumers with discounts.

Cardfree, a mobile commerce provider to large merchants, announced it has entered into an exclusive agreement to use Bluedot Innovation's location services technology in restaurants in the U.S.

Cardfree said in a press release that Bluedot Innovation is enabling a new generation of location-based commerce through technology that supposedly delivers 20 times the precision of competing products. It offers the maximum achievable precision of GPS but without the battery drain usually experienced or the need for new hardware, such as beacons or sensors, according to a news release. As a result, Bluedot Innovation enables location-based triggers so consumers may receive an offer, submit an order, enable a mobile payment or any number of services automatically based on their proximity to the entrance or drive-thru, the release said.

"We are happy to answer the overwhelming merchant interest in location-based marketing by presenting our customers with an exclusive technology that is more accurate and seamless than current solutions in market," said Jon Squire, founder and CEO of Cardfree. "Though we enable beacons as well as other approaches, we are extremely excited to offer our customers Bluedot's cutting-edge alternative that addresses the need for easy, precise and cost-effective location services. We'll offer these services as stand-alone solutions as well as integrated with our platform components."

In addition to servicing restaurants in the U.S., Cardfree and Bluedot Innovation also plan to partner in international markets later this year.