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    Lynne Marek/Payments Dive

    FedNow attracts real-time payments early adopters

    Companies partnering with the Federal Reserve to test the real-time payments system see it as a way to draw customers and get an edge on rivals.

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    Visa says the recession is irrelevant at Merchant Risk Council 2023

    Visa says a U.S. recession is nothing to worry about, but heightened fraud paints a different story.

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    Convenience chain to install bitcoin ATMs

    GetGo joins a growing list of convenience store operators adding bitcoin ATMs, as retailers seek new ways to bring customers inside their stores.

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    Nacha CEO counts FedNow as competition

    Although FedNow will be a competitor to the ACH network, it’s also poised to fill current gaps in the system, Nacha CEO Jane Larimer said Monday.

  • An image of a DoorDash app allowing for cash payments on delivery
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    Permission granted by DoorDash

    DoorDash adds cash payment option

    The company’s white label delivery service can now accept cash payments, which drivers would collect as part of their pay.

  • A customer scans his palm with an Amazon One device at a Panera cafe.
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    Courtesy of Panera

    Panera tests Amazon One palm payments at 2 cafes

    Panera plans to expand the palm payments technology to as many as 20 cafes in the second stage of the test, depending on the outcome of the initial test.

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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    Amex shareholders to vote on abortion-related proposal

    The card company sought to block the proposal from facing a shareholder vote at Amex’s annual meeting in May, but the SEC said it must be voted on.

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    Vaidik Trivedi

    Brex, other fintechs stand by troubled banks

    After a week of several high-profile bank failures and near-failures, some fintechs don’t see jumping ship as an option.

  • A Western Union sign light up in a busy Athens street.
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    Lynne Marek/Payments Dive

    Western Union CEO gives rivals respect

    The legacy money transfer company has lost the advantage of scale over younger fintechs like Remitly and Wise, but it’s discounting digital services to claw back customers.

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    Mastercard buys Baffin Bay Networks

    The card network company said it bought the cybersecurity business to better combat cyber-attacks in an increasingly threatening environment.

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    NicoElNino via Getty Images

    Apto Payments, Sardine team on anti-fraud tools

    Apto Payments and Sardine are joining forces to offer commercial customers issuing cards better anti-fraud tools.

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    Brian Blanco / Stringer via Getty Images

    Democrats slam card CEOs on gun code

    A group of attorneys general took card company CEOs to task for pulling an about-face on implementing the gun merchant category code.

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    AndreyPopov via Getty Images

    BNPL firms snag consumers at checkout: J.D. Power

    As buy now, pay later use rises, consumers are learning about the payment option at checkout, more so than from social media or family and friends.

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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Payments execs detail SVB impact

    The Silicon Valley Bank downfall that sent shockwaves through the financial industry forced fintechs, such as Affirm and Marqeta, to react fast.

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    Lynne Marek/Payments Dive

    FedNow aims for late end of launch period

    The Federal Reserve is targeting July, as opposed to the earlier end of its prior range, for starting its new real-time payments service.

  • A crowd of people stands outside Silicon Valley Bank headquarters.
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Fiserv, Jack Henry CEOs react to bank crisis

    Payments processors’ CEOs this week described how their companies were affected by the recent bank industry turmoil, downplaying the impact.

  • Flashfood station in a Meijer store
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    Retrieved from Meijer.

    Meijer, Flashfood expand tie-up to include SNAP payments

    The Midwestern grocer is the first of the food waste solution company’s partners to make the payment method accessible on the company’s app. 

  • Window with sticker showing logos for Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    Visa, Mastercard depict bank failure impact

    As bank card issuers faltered this past weekend, the card networks monitored payments closely, Visa and Mastercard executives said at a conference.

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    Bryan Bedder / Stringer via Getty Images

    Amex bets on millennials, Gen Z for growth

    As it pursues younger consumers, the company is angling to ensure its high-fee cards offer enough value for millennials and Gen Zers.

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    Smederevac via Getty Images

    Tilia C-suite gets overhaul

    The payments startup has a new team of top executives to spearhead payments for gaming, social media and other next-generation marketplaces.

  • Exterior of a brick building with the Etsy name on it.
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    Courtesy of Etsy

    Retail brands react to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse

    The merchants explained how the SVB situation had affected their sales, online commerce, payments and finances.

  • An SVB sign stands outside the bank's headquarters.
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Payments players caught in SVB fallout

    As the banking crisis spread, payments players, such as FIS, and venture-backed firms, including Payoneer, were caught in the contagion.

  • Affirm and Amazon
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    Courtesy of Affirm

    Affirm courts Amazon for more business

    Even as it angles for an increase, the buy now, pay later provider’s CFO acknowledged Thursday that its juggernaut e-commerce partner has other BNPL options.

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    Spencer Platt / Staff via Getty Images

    Amex follows rivals in ditching gun code

    Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover all said separately Thursday they’re holding off on earlier plans to implement a new gun merchant category code on their card networks.

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    Photo Credit: Ron Lach

    February retail, restaurant sales rise: Mastercard

    U.S. retail sales climbed about 7% in February over last year, alongside increases in restaurant and travel spending, Mastercard said in a report.

  • A sign on a drinks case door that reads "We accept SNAP/EBT."
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    Catherine Douglas Moran/Payments Dive

    USDA picks 5 states for mobile SNAP payments pilot

    Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri and Oklahoma are working with the government agency to expand payment options for SNAP consumers.