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Survey: Nearly a third of US consumers willing to use mobile wallets within next 6 months

Although mobile wallets are a relatively new form of payment, nearly 3 in 10 consumers (29 percent) say they would be willing to adopt the technology within the next six months, according to a recent survey by Computer Services Inc., a provider of financial technology products.

Harris Poll conducted the survey May 9–11 on behalf of CSI, a provider of financial technology solutions, and collected feedback from nearly 2,100 American adults about their banking habits and preferences.

The survey revealed that 12 percent of Americans strongly agree with the statement that they plan to use mobile wallet technology within the next six months. This willingness was most prevalent among millennials, with 19 percent of respondents age 18–34 planning to use mobile wallets, according to a press release.

"These results confirm that financial institutions are on the right track by investing in advanced mobile banking solutions that attract younger generations," said CSI CEO Steve Powless. "And innovations like digital wallets affect all consumers and should be a strategic focus area for banks. While millennials lead the way in adoption, as we've seen with other digital banking services, more generations will also embrace new technology as it becomes more commonplace."

Baby boomers (those 55 and older) were less willing to consider using mobile wallets within the next six months; only 7 percent of this group indicated a strong chance that they would use the payment option.

"Although banks must appeal to millennials as well as Gen Xers — consumers age 35–54 who also are fond of digital banking solutions and mobile payments — it is equally important to take older generations into consideration with launching mobile banking offerings," Powless said. "When investing in digital banking, financial institutions must dedicate extensive effort into training and marketing these services to customers of all ages, so they are knowledgeable of each bank's specific solutions and can utilize those offerings most relevant to them."