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Research offers peek at online shopper behavior

While consumers are big on discounts and deals they're also still big on having a satisfactory online experience and aren't willing to put up with slow loading websites or having to hunt for a price. They're even likely to jump away from shopping on a retailer's site if a phone number isn't displayed or in easy reach.

Those are findings from a Invoca survey polling 500 U.S. adults regarding online shopping. More shoppers (a growth of 115%) are buying automotive items and 67% more are looking to sign with financial services, according to a press release.

Here are some additional findings:

  • 33% say that when a website doesn't make pricing easy to find, they choose a different brand; 16% pick up the phone to call and 12% will opt for a live chat.
  • When the website does not load quickly or freezes often, 32% ditch the brand, 17% pick up the phone and 12% opt for a live chat.
  • When a website feels outdated, 30% choose a different brand.
  • When there is a confusing or lengthy checkout process, 28% choose a different brand and 17% pick up the phone.
  • When customers are dissatisfied with a website that otherwise offers what they're looking for, 48% are either likely or very likely to pick up the phone, 27% somewhat likely and 25% not very or not at all likely.