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Pyrim intends to guide mobile marketers with new service

Pyrim Technologies today launched what it calls the Mobile Commerce Support Service, a leveraged marketing support offering designed to educate senior marketers on the rapidly changing mobile commerce ecosystem. The service will touch different aspects of mobile commerce such as mobile wallets, payments, marketing, shopping, loyalty, services and their supporting omni-channel (online, in-store and social) extensions, according to the press release.

The support service is built upon a seven-component toolkit that is continually being updated and expanded:

  1. Guide to Mobile Commerce: A concise, but thorough explanation of the entire mobile commerce ecosystem and its many elements and supporting sub-components. (28 pages)
  2. Consumer-Facing Solution Profiles: A detailed analysis, segmented by ecosystem elements and sub-components, of 100+ leading mobile commerce solutions. (300+ pages at launch)
  3. Mobile Commerce Matrix: A unified view of the mobile commerce ecosystem in which the consumer-facing solutions are mapped into a matrix. The Matrix has four key features:
    a. The Matrix is built in Microsoft Excel to make it easy for marketers to see, in a holistic manner, how industries are embracing mobile commerce. 
    b. The Matrix provides hyperlinks to each of the detailed consumer-facing solution profiles in order to ease access to information for a given solution.
    c. The Matrix, where appropriate, employs legends to make it easier for marketers to understand certain solution profiles at a glance.
    d. The Matrix includes embedded text pop-ups throughout that explain ecosystem elements/sub-elements, legend designations and much more
  4. Supplier Matrix: An Excel matrix, with features similar to the Mobile Commerce Matrix, detailing suppliers of mobile commerce systems and infrastructure. (200+ suppliers at launch)
  5. Trends Analysis: A monthly report of the key events that are affecting the major trends that are influencing the state/direction of mobile commerce. (30+ pages at launch)
  6. Landscape Reporting: A monthly report on the mobile commerce landscape as reflected in the changing state of the consumer-facing solutions and events. (1st month’s report: 5 pages)
  7. Discussion Forums: A series of monthly one-hour conference calls, conducted in a town hall and/or WebEx format, to discuss the month’s mobile commerce events, topics and questions.

"Our clients pay us to continuously research the rapidly changing mobile commerce ecosystem on their behalf, report our findings to them through toolkit updates and then enhance their understanding through collaborative discussion sessions," Steve Gurley, Pyrim’s CEO and chief consultant, said in a statement.

A subscription, which is $250 per month with an annual commitment, includes a single-user toolkit license, eleven monthly updates to toolkit components 1 – 6, a monthly summary of key toolkit changes, access to the monthly discussion forums and an email alerting service that notifies subscribers when there are key events that could significantly impact the state of mobile commerce. For more information on the service or how to subscribe, visit