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ING debuts mobile payments in the Netherlands

The bank's Android banking app is now capable of making contactless payments at more than 100,000 retailers throughout the country.

ING has officially added mobile payments to its Android banking app after a three-month trial in the Netherlands, according to a press release.

ING's app is based on the HCE protocol and conusmers can use it to tap and pay at more than 100,000 retailers throughout the country. The service is free for now, but the bank plans to add a .50 euro (55 cent) monthly fee in six months. 

ING said in a press release that several thousand customers had tested the feature and that the company had made changes to the app based on their recommendations. 

"We continuously try to make payments easier for customers, and this is the next step," Laurens Schretlen, manager of cards and mobile payments at ING Netherlands, said in a statement.