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Coin Cloud installs Brazil’s first cryptocurrency ATMs

Coin Cloud has announced the installation of the first of 10 cryptocurrency ATMs in Brazil. With these kiosks users can transact with 29 different types of digital currencies, including bitcoin and Ethereum, according to a report in

The cryptocurrency ATMs work like a conventional ATM allowing users to perform actions on the screen to complete the transaction. The interface will be translated into Portuguese and will require a two-step verification by cellphone, before concluding any purchases and sales. Then users can insert the traded crypto and put in the money. The transferred money goes directly to the user's digital wallet

At launch, of the 10 ATMs one machine has been installed in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, and the other nine units are in São Paulo.

Coin Cloud, and American company, promises cybercurrency kiosks in the country for the future.