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CallUp releases new SIM management system for MNOs

The product enables cellular operators to manage files and applets on subscribers' SIM cards.

CallUp, a provider of value added services and mobile device management products for the telecom industry, today announced in a pres release a new version of SIM OTA, the company's remote management system for SIM cards. 

The system enables cellular operators to manage files and applets on subscribers' SIM cards, according to the announcement. This enables remote life cycle management of the card from its activation by the user through upgrades and updates until the card is canceled or expires. SIM OTA has been installed by cellular operators in Israel and Latin America. The new version will be launched at the Mobile World Congress, March 2–5, 2015, in Barcelona, Spain, and will be displayed at CallUp's booth (hall 5, stand 5D81).

SIM OTA's new version, 3.0, includes a smart campaign management system that enables updating of parameters remotely on all of the operator's SIM cards, according to the announcement. The system will automatically repeat the update process on SIM cards that could not accept the original update for various reasons — for instance, because the device was turned off or the subscriber was roaming. 

Using SIM OTA 3.0, operators can create dynamic distribution lists based on various criteria, such as file types and actual content. The distribution lists enable the operators to update specific groups of cards according to the predefined parameters. In addition, the new version enables online management of a single SIM card. SIM OTA 3.0 includes an automatic report subscription system, enabling the operator's executives and technical professionals to subscribe to system reports and receive them directly by email.

SIM OTA 3.0 can be fully integrated with the new version (5.0) of CallUp Versatile Management System, a scalable real-time management system enabling cellular operators to set up, configure and control their VAS products. SIM OTA 3.0 includes a new, innovative easy-to-use interface, and more online key performance indicators, the release said.

SIM OTA is based on CallUp's MDM+ platform, used for mobile device management. In addition to secured remote file and applet management, SIM OTA includes advanced features such as steering of roaming (making it possible to determine which mobile operator will be automatically selected by the subscriber's phone during roaming, according to priorities based on agreements between the cellular operators), location tracking and welcome SMS (sending an SMS to subscribers upon their joining a particular mobile operator while roaming). 

"SIM OTA saves time and money for cellular operators, due to the ability to perform various activities remotely, improving the service to customers who do not have to arrive at service stations," said CallUp CEO Alon Roth. "In an era where customer service is one of the customer's main considerations when selecting a cellular operator, the ability to allow remote optimal service is critical. CallUp's SIM OTA supports all types of SIM cards, allowing maximum flexibility in choosing the mobile operator's SIM providers."

SIM OTA supports the LTE standard and enables operators to send control commands to SIM cards using an applications programming interface. The system can remotely update any file in the card's file system that grants permission for remote change, such as a file used to identify the card, a file containing SMS parameters, a network selection file, and others.