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Braintree intros new services to help merchants with the customer experience

Braintree has introduced a suite of new services focused on three areas for merchants: transaction services, rewards and loyalty and contextual commerce. Together, the new services are called Braintree Extend.

Braintree wrote in a company blog that it introduced the new services as an extension of its current offerings to help merchants rely on just one partner for a number of needs related to enhancing the customer experience. 

Braintree said transaction services can range from "unifying disparate payment systems, working with a specialized fraud-service providers, or dual-vaulting a user's payment information for increased availability and redundancy."

The rewards and loyalty portion of Extend is meant to help increase efficiency and the ability for merchants to partner with rewards platforms, online-to-offline commerce platforms, and directly with card networks to provide cash-back or card-linked offers.

Braintree said that while contextual commerce is newer concept, it can help merchants partner with platforms to enable consumers to purchase directly on new channels, such as the places they first discover products and services.