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Blackhawk Network announces a virtual universal prepaid Mastercard for Canada

Blackhawk network, a branded payment solutions company, has launched a Canadian virtual prepaid Mastercard that can be redeemed via contactless online experiences where Mastercard is accepted. Recipients can also opt for a physical card according to a press release.

The new virtual prepaid cards offer versatile reward options for Canadian businesses that issue incentives and can be customized in several ways. Companies ordering the cards can include tailored email verbiage for recipients in addition to their logo or a branded banner featured in the reward's delivery email. These virtual prepaid cards can range in value from as little as $1 or up to $999 and can be spent internationally.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has driven more Canadians to actively shop online. In fact, our research conducted before many shelter-in-place mandates were announced found that one third of Canadians were making online purchases more often than they did a year ago — and that number is likely higher now," Chris Jones, VP of digital services and incentives at Blackhawk Network said in the release. "For Canadian businesses that manage incentives programs, offering virtual rewards like our new virtual prepaid Mastercard can provide a strategic advantage. People want to enjoy their rewards and they want to redeem them via the shopping channels they use most often — virtual rewards satisfy both of these preferences. They can also be ordered, delivered and redeemed quickly, which provides reinforcement for the behavior that led to the reward in the first place and helps drive future desired behaviors."